We know what it is like to be a newcomer in Malaga.

Let us guide you and facilitate everything so your transition is smooth.

Orientation Tour

This service is about giving the expatriate a chance to recreate his or her life in the new destination (Málaga). 

This tour will cover a deeper prospective of the local residential areas, housing market, schools, cost of living, commute to work and other points of interest relative to the expatriate’s lifestyle.


We guide and assist in the search of a property that best suits your needs and budget. We customize an itinerary of visits based on your requests. 

We protect your best interests by negotiating the most favourable lease contract conditions. It’s nice to have an expert on your side after all. Let the hunt begin!

Advance Payments

Quick and hassle-free transfer of payments is necessary when you have a tight deadline. 

By expediting payments on your behalf to local providers, we remove the risk of delays or breakdowns in the relocation timeline.


Moving is a process full of mixed emotions. It’s the start of a new adventure but it can be stressful too. 

We can coordinate the pick-up, delivery, and unpacking of household goods. We will show you a few proposals to choose from.

Government Compliance

Compliance can be a real pain, but is part of every new resident’s arrival at a new destination. Having the right people in the right place can save you time. 

We cover all compliance requirements like Social Security registration, town-hall registration, public health insurance, registration of vehicles, etc.

Temporary Accommodation

While our team is in the process of the house hunting, we can offer accommodation in a short term rental. 

This can help the process to be more convenient and stress-free.

Tenancy Management

Arranging appointments and repairs with professionals such as electricians or plumbers is difficult if you are new in the country and do not speak Spanish. 

This service will take care of all the small details of the property rental and assist with any issues that might arise.


We have a proactive legal experience team with high knowledge and sensitive to each client’s specific profile. 

Our team will ensure you that residence and work permits are obtained as quick as possible advising of any risks and communicating a clear immigration strategy.

School Finding

If you have children, we understand that finding the right school is a top priority. 

Together with your family, we explore all the options, lay out the process and then shortlist them so that your children are enrolled in the school that best suits them.

Tax Advice

A team of specialists in the tax regulations can advise you when working in a new country. You can be informed of any obligations in Spain in order to guarantee compliance with the local norm and to optimize the your tax contributions.

Do you need something else?

This is sort of ‘make your own’ package. Perhaps your require assistance in finding a babysitter, a housekeeper or even a language teacher. Let us know it!

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