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Looking for a Real Estate Personal Shopper in Málaga?

We work as your real estate personal shopper (buyer’s agent), representing you from start to finish and working exclusively on your best interest.

You will save time, stress and costly mistakes which one can experience if they go it alone.

We deal with hunting, due diligence, communication and negotiation on your behalf. 

What is a Real Estate Personal Shopper?

A real estate personal shopper is a purchase advisor or a real estate agent who specialises in helping real estate clients to buy or invest in real estate.

The main difference between a real estate personal shopper and a real estate agent is that a real estate personal shopper does not look for clients for the properties they have on their real estate website.

As you are no doubt aware, the functions of a real estate agent are focused on connecting property sellers and potential buyers.

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How can help you a Real Estate Personal Shopper in Málaga

Moving to Málaga

Moving to

You are looking for properties in our country, but you don’t know to speak the language or the characteristics. 

We will help you to find the best place, giving information of the areas and look for the best properties.

Temporary Work

Temporary Work

For a person who has to move to Malaga for work and does not have time to search, arrange viewings or go to an agency.

In these cases it is easier and more convenient to hire a real estate personal shopper in Malaga.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Looking to expand your business?

A personal shopper will help and manage everything so that they can get to know the city and make all the necessary arrangements.


Sunil Chabaldas

CEO & Agent Livinmalaga

Need help to find a property?

We meet for a coffee to get to know your preferences and understand what exactly you are looking for.

Once we have a deep understanding, we select some properties that match your criteria and send you the list.

At this point, we are your private investigators. If you are not living in the area, we do the preliminary viewings of your wish list, take photos, videos and report back to you.

After the exhaustive search we help you narrow it down and advise you on the benefits of each possible option.

Once you have chosen your best one, we complete the due diligence of drafting and submitting your proposal, helping you negotiate the best price for you and taking you through with all the process and compliance of buying your desired property in Spain.

In short, this is what our real estate personal shoppers in Málaga does