Malaga. The most attractive and profitable city to invest in Spain.

If you are thinking of investing in a property, Malaga is your answer.

It is one of the cities in Europe with the highest demand for rentals despite the fact that rental prices continue to rise. This makes investing in a property purchase even more attractive.

Seven reasons to invest in real estate on the Costa del Sol.

  1. Tourism. Malaga is a city with great tourist attraction and its international recognition as the capital of the Costa del Sol has attracted foreign investors in the real estate sector.
  2. City of refuge. The regular tourists who come to spend their vacations have been joined by professional workers in the technological field who are looking for a refuge in this time of pandemic. They are looking for spacious homes with more services in which to live and work.
  3. New offices. Google’s commitment to Malaga has attracted other European companies to open offices in the city and continue betting on teleworking. These companies need to look for rental housing for their workers destined for the city.
  4. Weather. Malaga has many sunny days which makes it very attractive to both summer tourists and those who wish to stay during the autumn and winter season.
  5. Economic growth. The strength of the residential market is the reason why Malaga occupies the third place as the best national real estate investment behind Madrid and Barcelona. Investors are attracted to this city by the construction of new housing developments in the area of Los Alamos, Mijas and Paseo del Poniente.
  6. ROI. The return on investment is almost guaranteed. The high rental demand for spacious homes and additional services and the scarcity of properties that meet these requirements makes investors opt for new developments.
  7. Real estate supply. The real estate market in Malaga has properties for all tastes. From old and compact to modern and spacious. Malaga has large promotions of new construction throughout the capital and the coast which favors the sale and purchase of housing. So if you want to sell the property after a period of time, the operation will still be profitable for the investor.

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