Livinmalaga is a full service agency based in Málaga ready to help you settle as smooth as possible.

We are a young, dynamic, multicultural and multilingual team. Our areas of greater interests are relocations, property personal shopping, sales and long term rentals.

We are experienced in helping foreigners invest in real estate in the city.

You, our client

You are the reason we wake up in the morning and the reason of many coffee-fuelled late night in the office. 

We work hard to dedicate you the time and energy that you deserve.



Sunil Chabaldas

My name is Sunil. With an Indian background, born and raised in Spain, I had moved to the United Kingdom to earn a graduate degree in Economics and International Business relations with French. 

This diverse background has provided me with valuable skills such as communication, tactfulness, active listening and social cues which I consider essential in Real Estate negotiations and educating homebuyers and sellers. 

My clients usually describe me as proactive, friendly and troubleshooter

After working hours, I love spending time with my family, wife and two-years-old son.

Cooking, exploring new cuisines, and wine tasting along with playing tennis are my favourites hobbies.

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